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The Download option will give you access to files optimized for printing at these sizes: 8.5x11" (letter), optimum for your home printer; 11x14", ideal for a medium-sized poster; 16x20", optimized for a medium-sized poster; 18x24", ideal for a large poster; 40x50 cm; 50x70 cm.

The Classic and Night Sky designs also include: 21x29.7 cm (A4); 24x30 cm; 30x40 cm; 24x36", ideal for an extra-large poster

These are the same high-resolution JPEG files that we use for our printing: with them, a professional print-shop will be able to produce an outstanding quality print.

Download six image files for each available color. Each image file is optimized for a different print size, from 21.6x27.9cm to 50x70cm. Download six image files for each available color. Each image file is optimized for a different print size, from 8.5x11" to 18x24".

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How do the Gift Vouchers work

A Gift Voucher is a 6-letter code that can be redeemed for a map at any point. When you buy your Voucher you choose what format of map it is valid for: download or print, and if print the size, and whether it is framed.

After your purchase you will be able to download a high-resolution Gift Card with the voucher. You can print the card and give it to the recipient of your gift.

Vouchers can be redeemed going to

Greaterskies Gift Vouchers

Sometimes it is not easy to know the date, time, or location that you want for your map. Did they get married at 11am? At what time was she born exactly?

We made the Gift Vouchers to make it easy for you to give maps without having to worry about getting the details wrong — give Vouchers instead, and let the recipients choose the exact date, time, and location.

Vouchers also make it easy to give printed maps when you have run out of time: instead of having to wait for the map to arrive, get a Voucher for a print of your preferred size, with or without frame. Download and print the beautiful Gift Map card that will have the voucher code in it, and you can have your gift ready in 5 minutes.

A star map is the perfect custom gift - Get a Gift Map Voucher

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